Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy

Objective :
To reduce environmental impact and natural resources conservation, promotion safety & health activities and social responsibility.

CSR Policy :

1. Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation
1.1 Control and reduce CO2 for emission into the environment.
1.2 Reduction for energy, material, fuel from production an other processes such as encourage recycled contents material or reuse for returnable Box
1.3 Refuse and avoid hazardous material or element in the production process and other process that have no adverse environmental impact and legal Non-compliance
1.4 Try to develop and design the production process, machinery, equipment and those products that have no adverse environmental impact and to Natural Resources Conservation.

2. Take care and promote workplace safety and hygiene activities.
2.1 The company shall establish the organization for safety management of all the company.
2.2 The company shall promote improvement in working conditions and working environment for safety of employees.
2.3 The company shall promote all safety activities so that the employees become to be conscious of safety.
2.4 Identify methods to prevent and reduce work - relate accidents and injuries among employees, contractors and external stakeholders.
2.5 The company shall promote employee to have knowledge on safety at work.

3. Social Responsibility
3.1 Comply with all related work standards and international agreements to either prevent or reduce any possible adverse impacts.
3.2 Provide support to communities around RXT's plants such as received native labor to work.
3.3 Promote a dialogue between RXT and the surrounding communities as a channel to receive their issues and concerns about projects that may.


CSR Structure


Strengthening Governance

Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd pays important attention towards CSR activities and we have established a section of internal controls, strengthened governance and management efficiency. We have firm guidelines on the environment, compliance, risk management, and internal audits.


CSR Promotion Activities

Visitor   Visitor   Zero Accident Activities
White Factory Project        

CSR Promotion Activities (Safety Training)



CSR Promotion Activities


Fighting Against Influenza H1N1Activity



Energy Saving activity



Reducing CO2 Emission



RXT Environmental Friendly Product




Carbon Footprint of Recycle polyethylene = 992 g.



5S Activity



Kaizen & SGA Activity "Spiral Improvement"



Min Pachi Activity

To applaud someone who puts ideas to increase productivities / reduces
defect or offers help to you, then you will give Min Pachi to them.