Mr.Hisada Nobuyuki

Managing Director

The vision of the Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co.,ltd. is to be the global advocate for environment preservation through responsible business activities. Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd is committed to play a key role in using recycled content material and the development of an environment-friendly protective packaging for our business with following Mission Statements.

1) Market Demand Focus In our organization hierarchy, customers are always in the top position, to reflect their importance for our company presence. Thus, our management team takes highest responsibility to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction.

2) Product Reliability Providing quality product is our reason of existence. In every steps of production, procurement, and designing, quality is of foremost priority, follow by efficiency and cost reduction.

3) Innovation As a packaging design innovator, we shall not cease to search for better quality, performance, cost competitiveness and environmentally friendly solution. We strongly encourage initiatives which will value-add, or value-create for our products and customers in terms of design solution and costs reduction.

4) Management Competence We aim to provide the opportunity for staff at all levels to participate in the management of their works. A Project Manager is expected to acquire ample knowledge of the product and business development capability. Based on these talents, a Project Manager may demonstrate business planning and strategy. The evaluation is made based on his / her own plan. We will maintain a good level of employee morale through encouraging and recognizing hard works, friendly atmosphere, politeness, and dignity of the individual.

5) Community Benefit We think globally and act locally. We operate anywhere in the world to serve our customers closely, using the most suitable talent in each region. The profit, made through sales activity, will be divided into 3 equal portions, and be used for the following, the first portion for further innovation development for better customer satisfaction. The second portion for the share-holders and the remaining portion are for the people, who put in their effort for making the profit. We try to learn and understand the regional culture and custom, and maintain the utmost sensitivity and respect towards their practices.