Worldstar 2016 Awards for Packaging Excellence

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On January 22, 2016, Reflex (Thailand) Ltd. received the Environmental Governance Award (Green Star Award) from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand for its excellent performance in the Environmental Governance Assessment Program.

Reflex (Thailand) Ltd. was recognized for having fulfilled 9 criteria:
1. Waste water treatment.
2. Industrial waste management.
3. Air quality management.
4. Volatile organic compound management.
5. Workplace area safety management.
6. Accident control management.
7. Green area management.
8. Community promote and civil society engagement support.
9. Excellence in international standards of completeness and accuracy of reports.
We feel proud of this hard-earned award here at Reflex (Thailand) Ltd.



Carbon Footprint Label

Carbon Footprint Labe

In order to produce PE sheet 0.88 g (1 square meter), made from 100% virgin material, it is 4,323 g of CO2 emission is calculate according to Thai Green House gas Organization; TGO.

If produce the same amount of PE sheet 0.88 g (1 square meter) by Reflex Recycle system, it is 992 g of CO2 emission

Reflex Recycle system can reduce CO2 emission around 3,331 g (77%)

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Factory expansion Project

The factory expansion project was completed in July 2013. With wider area for production and storage more effective FIFO is realized.

Factory expansion Project


Storage System

More effective FIFO with 5S practice.



White Factory Project

This project held by Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, objectives of White Factory are Drug Free workplace.

Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been participates White Factory project since 2009.



Winner FC Reflex

The 1st place winner of Pinthong Cup 2012

The 2nd place winner of Pinthong Cup 2011